Rozegrave is boutique music gear reborn…

Specializing in creating boutique, unique instruments, come on a journey of renewal, creation, and ultimately the ability for each of us to share our human gift of music with the world in our own unique way.

Specializing in my original, one of a kind SNAPBOX drums, the characteristic Rozegrave thump and snap is indicative of the tonal quality behind this reimagined, beautiful, and ultimately professional hand cajon.

Although these drums can be played acoustically, they shine and astound when easily amplified via the ¼” Jack using a standard guitar cable. The simple application of a full drum kit groove in an extremely compact and portable package results in heads turning, and audiences asking for more.

When it comes to box percussion, no one does it like Rozegrave, and I have yet to hear or play another cajon with the level of versatility, portability, pizazz, and pro sound of the cajons I reinvent and craft in my workshop in the beautiful Sonoran desert.

I would be honored to share the pure joy and amazement of a Rozegrave SNAPBOX Drum with you, and welcome you to the world of boutique box percussion.

For musicians with a wider and more diverse instrumental pallet, I also create and craft a huge range of other, straight from the grave musical gear.

From my vintage beer can hand shakers to my “Frankenstein Guitars”, acoustic guitar accessories, Rozegrave LIDKICK lid foot stomps, KOOZIEKICK, KICKBOX, ZIPSTICKS drum brushes, cigar box acoustic electrics, and much more, visitors to the shop are sure to find the perfect boutique and one of a kind gear they are looking for, often didn’t know they needed, or quickly fall in love with for their innate blend of beauty and professional performance.

When you browse my shop and purchase your own original Rozegrave gear you are supporting a small, custom instrument builder and allowing yourself to express your passion in a truly “you” way.

Come join me on this journey, and grow with the elite community of Rozegrave musicians who have taken the opportunity to go deeper into sonic and visual possibilities. Come join us, and “Amplify. Your Beat.”

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